Available Rental Items
Shown Above:
One of our all white 20' x 30'
High Peak Eureka Elite Tents.
Lima Tent Company, LLC
Tent / event lights
Tables and chairs are constructed of lightweight
but durable poly-plastic on a steel frame.  Tables
and chairs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and
These systems contain a total of 10 fixtures per
set , with each globe approximately 6" in
diameter  containing a 60 watt light source.  The
total light output per set is 600 watts... Enough to
light an 800 sq ft area.
Tents come is a variety of sizes, colors, shapes
and styles.  Take a look at our photo gallery and
call us with you requests.
SIde walls for tents
Power generators
If electric is not available at your site, Lima Tent
Company LLC can serve your needs.  Based upon
your power requirements, we have several gas
powered generators available.
tent heaters
On those cold days, this 40,000 BTU unit powered
by a standard propane tank, will keep you and
your guests warm.  Heater is constructed out of
durable stainless steel.
All of our rental tents will accept standard side
walls, which are available in 12oz red, white or
blue.  French Window Side Walls are also available
for an additional fee.  No charge for standard walls.
Our new portable dance floor system is one of the
most versatile on the market today.  This indoor or
outdoor surface can be set up at any dimension in 1
foot intervals.  For example, you can have a 10' x 20' ,
12' x 12', 15' x 18', anything you want!  Rental price is
per square foot.
Our portable staging can be arranged in 4' x 4' section
at a variety of heights.  This commercial grade
product is great for a DJ, band, presenters, or to
elevate the head table at your wedding.  Optional
accessories are steps, carpet, skirting and safety
We offer a variety of styles, sizes and colors for your
special event.  Please call with your specific needs.
Made by Cambro Industries, this portable bar is
prefect for that special event.  Unit contains a ice bin,
speed rail to hold bottles and a serving area.  Color is
granite grey!